How These 5 Productivity Tips Stop Burnout Immediately 

Does this sound like you? Making in-depth to-do lists, organise plans and make brand new morning routines. Only to wake-up in the morning feeling overwhelmed, or only following through with your amazing plans for three days then giving up?

Well you're not alone. I used to think being busy up to your eyeballs was the only was to feel and look accomplished. However, trying to hold myself to an impossible standard proved, well impossible and if that sounds like you try the following tips to ease you out of the major stress and away from burnout.

1. Focus on One Step at a Time

Building habits takes time and if you rush and try to add too many new things to your routine at once, the brain gets overwhelmed and you'll end up doing none of the things! One of my life quotes is "small steps, great distances" so take the one thing you want to add to your life, and break it down into bitesize actions! It'll take off the pressure and make your life easier.

Small steps, great distances

Dr. Eric Thomas

Image by Hernan Sanchez

2. Resting isn't Lazy

You're allowed to take breaks, in fact you definitely should rest especially if you want to be a productive bee! Pop on your comfort Netflix show, snuggle on the sofa with a cosy blanket and allow your mind to simply relax and chill out

Image by Bruce Mars

3. Use Screen Management Timers

Recently, I added the 1-hour screen management timer on the TikTok app and I've found it extremely useful in aiding my mindfulness journey. It's so easy to get sucked into your phone and what was meant to be a 'quick look' turns to 4 hours of doom scrolling! You can add screen management timers in some app settings, under the App Limits in Settings on iPhones or apps dedicated to app blocking. Being intentional about where you spend your free time will help aid in burnout avoidance

4. Be Intentional with your Time

Following on from tip 3, where are you spending your time? It's important to have a distinction in your time between work, self, relationships and down time. Otherwise, work can blend into all areas of life and you'll feel enslaved to work which can lead to exhaustion, tiredness and not feeling your best self. Being intentional on where you choose to spend your free time makes you feel more in control of your days and can steer you away from dreaded burnout

Image by Brooke Cagle

5. Learn to say 'No'

If you're a serial people pleaser like me it can feel hard to say no to people. I'd blindly say yes to everyone and everything that came my way. Ended up in some wild and weird situations (stories for another day!) Learning to listen to your intuition and say yes to opportunities that will serve you. This will save you time, useless flapping and doing stuff you just didn't want to.

Thanks for reading I hope these tips have been useful. Read the last article here

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