You Probably Didn't Know Confident Speaker (5 Tips)

Do you want to become a confident speaker, better communicator whose able to captivate audiences and tell stories for hours? Well listen up, this one's for you!

How to Become a Confident Storyteller

The key to becoming a phenomenal speaker is to be able to engage people with your stories. Here's my top 5 tips for stepping into confidence this year and beyond.

Tip #1: the eye twinkle

Bringing yourself to the present moment so you're in the right headspace to present. People connect to you when they can tell you're speaking from the heart. Even if you aren't passionate about the subject you're speaking on, try to find a personal connection to your story so you feel 100% present when you're speaking. Get out your head and watch how easy it can feel when you have that twinkle in your eye

Tip #2: bring your sauce

Miss Beyoncé brings hot sauce in her bag and to increase your confidence you need to find your own sauce and bring it to the table. What makes you 'you'? Do you have the biggest smile or a quirky trait, everyone has a special something that makes them unique. If you're not sure what that is for you, grab a pen and paper and spend 10 minutes brainstorming what that is for you. Maybe you're sauce is mayo, my sauce is Nando's Pirinaise and it comes with a side of sarcasm, some light giggles and a large helping of hand-gestures to top it off.

Tip #3: be the tortoise

When you first start to talk to people it can be tempting to talk really fast to try and get your point across so the other person can listen and respond. When in fact the opposite is true. Taking it slow like the tortoise from the children's story the Hare and the Tortoise perfectly illustrates this point. Speaking at a slower speed can make your story sound more confident when you take out the um's and ers. No filler words, speak with intention.

Tip #4: keep our gaze

Make eye contact with as many folk in the audience as possible. The audience will feel more connected to you if you're able to hold their gaze whilst you're speaking. Subconsciously, they'll feel as if what you're saying is urgent so they'll listen for longer

Tip #5: the big O (story climax)

Save the best till last, know that your story has a concise beginning middle and end to make the story flow. It helps if your story has a good punchline or climax so the audience will follow along and laugh/ react with you if you've built up suspense throughout the story.

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